Wanted: kids of LGBT families for internal focus groups

From: Loree Cook-Daniels LoreeCD@aol.com

Dear Colleague:

COLAGE — Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere, the only international organization serving children who have one or more LGBT parents, is continuing to work on its strategic planning process. We would both like to thank the many, many people who participated in our survey a few months ago, and ask for more help.

We feel we need to know more about certain demographic groups, and would therefore like to hold four teleconference “focus groups” within the next few weeks. Please help us find individuals who would be appropriate for and interested in focus groups on the following topics:

o RURAL kids of LGBT parents, of any age

o PEOPLE OF COLOR/multiracial kids of LGBT parents, under age 25

o PEOPLE OF COLOR/multiracial kids of LGBT parents over age 25, and LGBT PARENTS of kids of color/multiracial (parents do not themselves have to be people of color)

o Kids of TRANSGENDER parents, of any age

Volunteers for these focus groups should email their name, phone number/s, group/s they are volunteering for, general time availabilities, and whatever else they’d like us to know to COLAGE Board Chair Meredith Fenton at Fairymere@yahoo.com. If you know of a volunteer who doesn’t have access to email, please call COLAGE at 415-861-KIDS (5437).

Thank you!
COLAGE Board Member and
Strategic Planning Committee Member
Loree Cook-Daniels

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