re: Michael Meyers commentary on Ward Connerly – 4/24/02 issue

Date: Thursday, April 25, 2002 4:48 PM
To: NY Post Letters
From: "Valerie Wilkins"
Subject: re: Michael Meyers commentary on Ward Connerly – 4/24/02 issue

NY Post

Letters to the editor:

"The Real Agenda of 'Racial Privacy'", April 24, by Michael Meyers I take issue to two points that he explained in a misleading way. Point being, "Sometimes, Connerly thinks it is OK to count by race…for health related and law-enforcement matters…".

In July 1996, the Multiracial Solidarity March/Rally, the historically the first ever in America, held at the Mall in Washington, D.C., had an interracial group called ProjectRace, with the support of the AMA, do their first ever bone-marrow awareness blood drive. It was to help aid sick multiethnic patients have greater access to specific medical attention, with respect to bone-marrow transfusions. The ethnic, not "racial", background and heritage was the primary focus. RACE IS NOT BIOLOGICAL! Ward Connerly understands this completely. It is something I gather Mr. Meyers read incorrectly? And, as for law-enforcement, it is not at all shocking news about the profiling aspects practiced in police departments around the country. That is an entirely separate issue, one that all must decide where they stand.

Valerie A. Wilkins-Godbee
Pres. of
Interracial Women's
Political Consortium,
and former deputy chief
national director of
A PLACE FOR US/National,
a 501 (c) (3) advocacy
group; est 1984.

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