Informal Survey – Questionnaire!

From: “Valerie Wilkins”

This survey I am conducting although unscientific on the politics in the multiracial community is very important. While we are diverse in political our views I believe it is to our benefit to explore where the majority of us stand. And, to encourage all to participate in our rights as citizens in the American Democracy of our great nation.

I would greatly appreciate your response and for sharing my survey with other multiracials’ within your family or circle of friends. I realize that doing this by mail would give you greater anonymous, however, the same is true if you omitted your first and/or last name when e-mailing your responses. It is for a very vital cause. Our inclusion in the political landscape and the discussion of the day. I will make results available. And, results will only be as aggregate data, so no individual respondent can be identified.

If you are a leader of an interracial group, this additional assistance in making this survey known to your membership would be most appreciated. College students welcome to response!

IMPORTANT NOTE: ALL responses will be held in the strictest confidentiality. For more anonymity make a copy of the survey questionnaire and send it to: IWPC c/o V. Wilkins-Godbee, President – P.O. Box 859; Peekskill, NY 10566-0859



Valerie A. Wilkins-Godbee
President of
Interracial Women’s
Political Consortium

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