Letters to the Editor

LTE: Clyde Cleveland for Governor

Date: Friday, July 05, 2002 12:58 PM
From: Deborah Williamson
Subject: Clyde Cleveland for Governor

Dear Friends:

Clyde Cleveland is the Libertarian candidate for governor of Iowa in 2002. He just returned from a six-city tour of the northwest section of Iowa. I cannot describe in words how amazing this tour was for our campaign. I was delighted at the receptivity and enthusiasm of every person Clyde talked to on this trip. This state is ripe for change!

The people in Iowa know intuitively that they cannot continue to vote for attorney/politicians from the two major parties and expect any difference at all in the way this state is being run. We can win this election in November and set an example for the rest of the country.

Go to: http://www.clevelandforgovernor.org/news/06-24-02.htm and see for yourself how people are responding to our message.

Furthermore, the book, “Restoring the Heart of America, A Return to Bottom-Up Government” by Ed Noyes and Clyde Cleveland, will be printed within the next two weeks. The book explains how we can harness the wind to provide a monthly income to every citizen while at the same time eliminating the environmental damage of burning coal. The authors explain how we can turn a property tax nightmare into a construction boom. The key is a return to bottom-up government.

Our publicist has already secured national radio interviews for us with audiences of up to 23 million listeners!

We are going to generate enough publicity with this book so that Clyde cannot be excluded from the debates with the major party candidates. Once we get in the debates we are going to be in a three-way race, and I believe we can win.

The following are testimonials on the book:

“A well articulated and very positive description of what will happen when we return to the fundamental, and eternally valid, principles upon which this county was founded.”
Ron Paul, U.S. Congressman, Texas

“Remembering what America was yesterday strengthens the foundation we stand on today. Cleveland and Noyes have recaptured the passion and vision of our Founding Fathers…”
Gary E. Johnson, Governor of the State of New Mexico

“If you care about this country and its potential read this book! Have conversations you have never had, feel hope that you have never felt…”
Kara Anastasio, U.S. Congressional Candidate, Democrat, 7th District Ohio

“The need to bring government back to the people calls for a new revolution: one of decentralization. We CAN Restore America by a return to government by the people.”
David Miller, Iowa State Senator

“This book lays out a game plan that will restore our environment and change our country forever.”
David A. Kidd, Founder of American Free Tree Program, (Planted 12 million trees) Independent candidate for Ohio House District 52

“Intelligent, articulate, compassionate… promoting sovereignty and freedom, built on a foundation of love. A far cry from the top down federal government that is the best money can buy.”
Jeff Hutner, Writer, Producer, and Director of “Practical Visionaries”

If you would like to help us start a revolution toward Bottom Up government, we need you to:

1. Please go to http://www.clevelandforgovernor.org and donate by credit card or online check to our campaign.

We need money to keep this campaign going strong so please give today and give as generously as you can!

YOU can make a difference!

2. Please send this message out to all of your contacts so we can create a groundswell of support for our campaign. We need your help to share this with as many people as you can.

Thank you for supporting our campaign to bring love and freedom to our state.
Warmest Regards,
Tom McCorkle, Ph.D.
Cleveland for Governor Committee
1 (866)206-9073 Ext. 2386

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