Assimilation as Conversion

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In 1683 the Islamic armies got as far as Vienna and were poised to take over all of Europe. At that time the Empires of Europe could clearly see the danger to their way of life, let alone their lives. Today in Europe, their way of life is similarly in danger, but the Nations of Europe seem blinded to the ominous future that the Islamic immigrant hoards threaten. The flood of Islamic immigration in modern Europe is unprecedented and seemingly unstoppable. By the millions they come to Western Europe to fill the economic gaps left by low birth rates. They bring with them the backward ideologies of the 3rd world countries they came from and the harsh, dogmatic religion of Islam. In fact, European nations are inviting cultural destruction as one might invite a vampire into one’s home only to have him suck the lifeblood from your veins.

As the great Western European powers move toward allowing more and more Islamic immigrants into their nations, the question of integration of this vast group has started to enter the debate on the fringes of the European political landscape. There seem to be the faint whispers within Europe, giving feeble voice to the need to integrate these new arrivals , but this has come about only after the realization that many of the new immigrants have little respect for the people or customs of their adopted land, resulting in rising violent crime and rampant abuse of the welfare state. Integration of these newcomers is essential, but further, I propose that the long-term advantage to Western society and culture (as well as the immigrants themselves) lie in both Cultural Assimilation and Religious Conversion.

Let’s be clear as to the difference between ASSIMILATION over INTEGRATION. We can integrate a population into our midst, but not until they are assimilated will they become full cultural partners. To this end, I feel one additional step is necessary for the well being of all, and that is that the extra effort be made to CONVERT these seekers of freedom and prosperity to the very religion which was the foundation for the most successful and prosperous culture that the Earth has ever known. That is, convert them to Christianity.

In the currently popular multi cultural world view, nothing need be done. This philosophy postulates that each cultural viewpoint is equally valid and valuable and, as such, ought to be protected from all assaults upon it’s nature and insulated from all criticism of it’s practice. Thus, it becomes political hearsay to suggest that any single culture is superior to any other. At this point it ought to be pointed out that this same philosophical template is also used regarding race and so one can see how many folks may become confused as to the difference between race and culture, (it is also clear why charges of racism are thrown about whenever one suggests that perhaps some cultures are intrinsically superior).

But there IS a difference in cultures. A difference not based on skin color, eye color or any other genetic indicator, but a difference how the culture views equality, free will, individuality, sex, love, etc. It has become the “enlightened” view that postulating the possible superiority of Western culture is to reveal the hatefulness and bigotry in ones heart and due to this thinly veiled racism any debate with such an individual need not be undertaken (verbal disparagement is encouraged or in the case of Pim Fortuyn; assassination tolerated). This multi cultural neofascism has stifled dissenting opinion and goose-stepped its agenda through the halls of the European governments. The consequence being seen with Europe’s not only inability, but also unwillingness to implement simple programs aimed at integrating the immigrants among them.


Just as Western libertarianism and democracy was built upon the foundations of Christianity, so is the submission to the will of Allah and suppression of the individual are built upon the foundations of Islam. In fact, for a Muslim to integrate into western culture would mean betraying many of the basic tenants of his faith. The incompatibility of Muslims to accept the cultures of Europe is not based on skin color, eye color or any other genetic indicator. It is based upon a fundamental clash of theology and philosophy.

If this sounds like an unduly harsh characterization of Islam, I urge you to educate yourself on the value system of Muslims. I will suggest that those in doubt take the time to research the societies and cultures where Muslims are a majority. Tolerance of other religions, respect for women, adherence to secular rule of law & democratic principles are by no measure prevalent or developing in Muslim societies. To believe that a Muslim could understand and value these principles upon stepping foot in a Western nation is not only folly, but also dangerous, willful ignorance.


The rise of Western culture was built upon well over 2000 years of history, though not until Christianity became a major influence on the Western mind, did the blossoming of the culture bring greater and greater rewards. I assert that the key to Western success has been the belief in Free Will as taught by the bible. This belief allowed men to question and investigate, experiment and discover. Behavior, although restrained through changing societal moray, was one of choice, not a matter of required submission. In fact, free will allowed men to decide their fate before God and their fellow man. This freedom was to prove a crucial difference in the development of science and the fostering of knowledge. Western democratic principles grew out of ancient philosophies, but were nourished and tended by the guiding hand of Christianity. The God of Christianity, allows for a freedom of thought which has served Western Civilization well, both culturally and politically. The philosophical difference between Free Will and Allah’s Will has proved to be one of progress over stagnation, individual freedom over group submission. By converting large portions of immigrating Muslims, not only will these immigrants enjoy the freedom of living in a democratic nation, but through conversion, they will be freed from the restrictive theological/philosophical restraints of Islam. This comprehensive gift of freedom will allow them to achieve as much success as their effort will support and as much happiness as their virtue will produce.


The real question that ought to be asked right now in Europe (and soon in America) is just WHO is assimilating WHO. In Europe, cultural integrity can not be maintained through the current immigration policy. Unless a concerted effort is made to assimilate the Muslims amongst them, the Europeans risk forfeiture of their lands and their culture. Make no mistake, there is a coming reckoning for the irresponsible policies of immigration undertaken in Europe. The question is how will the Europeans behave when the time to account comes. Six million Jews were exterminated by the Nazis, but there are over six million Muslim immigrants in France alone, it is inconceivable for Europe to engage in similar genocide to cleanse their societies of the culturally destructive imported influence. A moral and humane solution must be found to counter the threat to the Nation. To truly secure their future, consideration should be given to a program of voluntary religious conversion of the Muslims in their midst. A concerted effort, now, at voluntary conversion accomplishes the goal of Islamic assimilation in a humane and moral fashion and the consequences of a society divided may never have to be addressed. Unless Europe boldly embarks upon a path of voluntarily converting the Muslim immigrants to Christianity, there is little hope that these immigrants will ever be anything other than strangers in a strange land. A land they will soon try to remake in their own theological/philosophical image.

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