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Interlachen, FL -The American Indian Movement of Florida has filed a criminal complaint with the Putnam County Sheriffs Office, Florida Attorney General and the office of the State Attorney for the 7th Judicial Circuit alleging the self-proclaimed “Seminoles of Central Florida”, of Interlachen, FL is committing fraud and false and deceptive advertising by offering memberships in a bogus “Seminole Tribe of Central Florida”.

Florida AIM received numerous complaints of an individual selling memberships in the “new Seminole Tribe of Central Florida” promising to “obtain (your) full entitlements (as an Indian)” These include optical, dental plans and well as low interest rates and special loans for housing according to flyers distributed by Mr. John Worthington. The flyers also encouraged the public to “JOIN NOW to obtain your tribal privileges”.

On May 26th as Mr. John Worthington, the “Indian agent” attempted to have his first “tribal meeting” in his home, he was confronted by AIM members and supporters who exposed him in his own home, until they were removed by the Putnam County Sheriff deputies. AIM members videotaped the farce and will submit that as evidence to the Sheriffs Department and State Attorney.

That an individual can offer for sale membership in a “new Indian tribe” and is taken seriously by some, only serves to further expose the immense ignorance the public has regarding Indigenous peoples and Nations. Indigenous Nations have existed since time immemorial and can not be “created” from scratch by flyers and discounted memberships offered with the promise of “entitlements”.

Florida AIM recognizes that while this bogus groups actions appear to constitute a clear case of fraud, deception and false advertising under Florida law; the judicial system has a habit of acting injudicially when it comes to Indigenous peoples, Nations and issues. Florida AIM will therefore continue to confront, challenge and expose Mr. Worthington and his bogus tribe as part of our defense of Indigenous peoples, Nations civil, human, treaty and sovereign rights. We will ask all concerned human beings to join us when we challenge Mr. Worthington and his bogus club claiming to be an Indian tribe.


2002-06-18 15:25:00

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