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LTE: Greetings friend….

Date: Tuesday, August 20, 2002 3:55 AM
From: John Schestag
Subject: Greetings friend….

Re: Your mixed blood native american site….

I am 60 years old. Born in Michigan. My grandmother was more than half indian (full blooded father from a local tribe) and her mother was half french trapper (father) and Canadian indian (mother)… so she was 3/4 “mixed” tribe indian of two nations and 1/4 french.

The great grandfather (her indian father) was from a small stature tribe (5’6″) with small black eyes….. grandmother was 4’10” with the same small dark eyes….. I’m 5’8″ ….does this tell you anything about the tribe? Some said Ottawa… some said no…… not sure. Birth records in Lansing don’t tell me much.

If my grandmother was 3/4 indian… what does that make me….? I have no other known indian bloodlines.

Thanks, John

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