Letters to the Editor

LTE: Thank You

Date: Saturday, September 14, 2002 8:18 PM
From: Corbin Michalak
Subject: Letter to the Editor


I just wanted to write and tell you how much your site has helped me recently. I’m the son of a Japanese American mother and a Polish-Irish father. Growing up, I’d never had much of a problem with being biracial, but being a mommas boy, I’d learned to identify more with my Asian looks than my caucasian ones. I had always recognized myself as being more Japanese than white, even though that side of my family had been born Americans since before McKinley was shot, basically.

A little over a year ago, my mother lost her battle with cancer, and a gap opened between me and my father. I don’t know if it really was the race thing or the normal stuff that happens between fathers and sons, but he and I were distant for quite a while. I didn’t feel like I knew him and I didn’t feel like he could sympathize with the loss of identity and familiarity that I was feeling.

After I found your site, I was able to gain a better perspective on myself and what my mixed racial background meant at the end of the day. My dad and I talked quite a bit and now our relationship is better than I think it ever was. I’ve realized that the only thing that matters between parents and kids, or anyone of any race for that matter, is if love truly exists. Thanks to your site, I’ve realized that my dad, as white as his Conway Twitty lovin’ self is, does love me and even though my mom is no longer with us, he and I are still a family. I’ve been able to overcome my feelings of isolation and now, I’m able to recognize that I am both Japanese American and White. And they’re both things that I can be proud of.

Thanks again,


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