Cosmic Critics

I stumbled across this ridiculous posting in the “Race Relations” discussion forum. I love when people take something I wrote, post an excerpt and then claim that the posted words mean something other than what they actually say. This idiot poster says she “was reading an article by James Landrith, a multiracial activist, that doesn’t attempt to cover up his disdain for Blacks…”. She goes onto to excerpt the following from my editorial at The Abolitionist Examiner titled: Statement on the Racial Privacy Initiative.

The concept of “racial” classifications is one of modern history’s biggest “hoodwinks” and is anathema to the concepts of liberty and free will. These nasty little boxes, as used by the government, have now become the weapon of choice by “racialist” groups like the NAACP and National Urban League in their battles for political power against “multiracial” people and “interracial” families who refuse to submit to the oppressive “one-drop” rule. The “one-drop” rule as currently applied by these groups dictates that individuals with even the slightest amount of so-called “black blood” must identify solely as “black” for the sake of “black” political power. Aside from being biologically false, and perpetuating “racist” stereotypes of what is and isn’t acceptable “black” behaviour, this offensive philosophy violates the free will of Americans to identify how they see fit, including the right to shed a “racial” identity altogether. This is intolerable and must end now. The American public has pushed the Ku Klux Klan and Aryan Nations to the fringes of society, so shall it be with the NAACP, National Urban League and other traditional civil rights organizations if they continue to push these offensive 18th century “racialist” designs down the throats of “multiracial” people and “interracial” families.

I fail to see how that paragraph is indicative of me possessing “disdain” for “blacks.” In effect, what the poster is really saying is that any criticism of the NAACP, National Urban League and similar organizations is akin to possessing “disdain”, which is her polite little way of calling me a “racist”.

My beautiful (yes she reads this blog) “black” wife read that moronic posting and was none too impressed with the poster, who goes by “Xochitl” aka “Cosmic Girl” throughout

This posting is another one of those made by one-drop defenders attempting to paint non-conformist “biracials” as anti-“black” for not falling all over themselves in order to accomodate the one-droppers’ lack of self-esteem and control fetish. In order to further her racist notion, Cosmic Girl mentions the film “Imitation of Life.” In the deluded and angry mind of a one-dropper, movies filmed decades ago are about as good as it gets for proof. Give me a fucking break. If I’m not pissing off the “Cosmic Girls” of the world, then I ain’t doing my job. Next.

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