Transracial Adoption Book

I received the following request from Matt Kelley of Mavin Foundation:

Kirsten Davis, creator of “Waiting for You: An Heirloom Adoption Journal for My Future Child”, is currently gathering stories, photographs, and drawings celebrating transracial adoptions for her new book, “Color Me A Family: A Celebration of Transracially Adoptive Families.” If you know of any families, adoptive parents, or birth parents who would possibly like to participate in her newest work, please have them visit or contact her via email at Participants will be compensated with 3 copies of the published book. Participating adoption agencies will be listed with contact information in the index, along with any desired participating writers and artists. Anonymous submissions are also welcomed!

For all adopting parents who are expecting…
“Waiting for You: An Heirloom Adoption Journal for My Future Child”
available at!

If you’re interested contact Mrs. Davis at the email provided above. For further information on transracial adoption see the following links:

  • The Multiracial Activist – Issues: Transracial Adoption
  • The Multiracial Activist – Books: Transracial Adoption

    Just don’t let the National Association of Black Social Workers know….

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