Lott under NRO Microscope

Robert A. George comes correct on Lott in this piece at NRO:

In 1998, it was revealed that Lott had spoken several times to the Council of Conservative Citizens, a “racialist”, neo-white supremacist organization. Lott claimed that he didn’t know about their philosophy, believing it to be a benign “conservative” group. In fact, he had written a regular column for the CCC’s “Citizen’s Informer” publication over the course of several years. It’s also rare for any member of Congress to write for an outside group’s publication without getting an idea of what positions the group advocates.

Furthermore, Lott’s uncle popped up to say that his nephew well knew what the CCC was about. Just ten years ago, Lott praised the CCC’s philosophy. A year before all this came to light, Lott hosted the CCC in Washington.

Let’s stop pretending folks. This is old news.

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