Trent Lott & Espy

Date: Wed, December 18, 2002 1:31 am
From: Valerie Wilkins-Godbee
To:,, Subject: re: TRENT LOTT & ESPY


Dear Mr. Hannity and Mr. O’Reilly;

RE: Senator Trent Lott and Espy (as a possible replacement).

INTERRACIAL WOMEN’S POLITICAL CONSORTIUM, as their president, read today a story about the possibility of former agricultural secretary Espy being replaced should Senator Trent Lott (R-MS) step down in January 2003. What disturbed me more then the tragic “race-baiting”, and hypocritical stance the opposite party is engaged in is the comment that the Governor of Mississippi made. That “Espy” would be good, “hands down”, for a “biracial” coalition in Washington, D.C.. Impossible!!!

The minute the word “biracial” was used a red-flag went up. The democrats who have challenged us, especially with regards to the Census 2000 changes on the question of race, but LOST the battle and war on Directive 15, have the un-unmitigated gaul to even use the word “biracial” seriously. But, now suddenly they’re desperately trying to usurp our mission. Biracial, multiethnic and multiracial…. If anyone decides to use the term, “biracial” loosely, again in the democratic party, the very party that mostly fought us leaders tooth-and-nail, to obliterate our biracial causes, will have done so FOOLISHLY! They will be ousted for the very race-mongering, past and present, they are immersed in. We will challenge any/all who think they can decide, after all the works been accomplished, to suddenly put on the happy face of “biracial” “multiethnic” and/or “multiracial” leadership that they will be EXPOSED before the world of their utter crippling race-hating hypocrisy! It will NOT go un-challenged, so help me God. Enough is enough. When Ms. Karen Hunter of the NY Daily News wrote in her column, a couple years ago, stating Rev. Al Sharpton was the “new” multiracial/multiethnic leader, I wrote her, and she wrote back enlightened. This time I won’t be so kind in my criticism should the Governor of Mississippi make the same idiotic mistake, in a widely public forum. I hope that you will also shade light on the “real” multiracial leadership as does C-Span, Washington Post, AP, The Detroit Free Press, and many others in the past. Some, sadly, when they had no other historical journalistic choice. We appreciate any support you can lend us interracial leaders in the United States. Thank you for reading my e-mail today. Happy Holidays!!!


Valerie Wilkins-Godbee
President, and
former dep. chief national
director of
a 501 (c) (3) advocacy
group for interracial
couples, families,
& ind., est. 1984!

cc: Interracial Leaders in the U.S.

Note: For more on some exciting news about this “newly” forming group see The Multiracial Activist & *The Abolitionist Examiner (*bottom page), website: – go to “press releases” Sept. 28, 2001 and Nov. 11 or 12, 2001 announcements.

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