Letters to the Editor

LTE: Reality Check (Hate Mail)

Date: Sat, December 21, 2002 12:51 am
From: robert lee
Subject: Reality Check

I believe it was Socrates who said ” A certain age is a necessary, but not sufficient, requirement for wisdom”.( I am quoting from memory) Well, you look quite young to me. Are you sure you have all the answers? I happen to believe, based on my study of history and what I have seen in my lifetime, that a multiracial, multiethnic or multicultural society is a recipe for conflict-see Bosnia, Burma, the Sudan, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Indonesia, the Phillipines, Israel, Turkey, Iraq and others. Human nature is what it is and it’s absurd for you to think you can change it. But, if it keeps you off the streetcorner—-.

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