Derbyshire Nonsense

Let me start off by saying this, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart – John Debryshire is a first class loon. Over at Stand Down, Julian Sanchez has posted a link to a John Derbyshire piece that as usual, helps him live up to his reputation as an idiot.

Click here for Derbyshire’s ridiculous commentary.

I remember in a Chronicles article in 2000, the idiot called for internment camps for all legal Chinese visitors to the U.S. and for American citizens of Chinese descent should hostilities ever break out with China. I think he may have resubmitted that concept during the spy plane debacle of early 2001. The guy is married to a Chinese woman.

Ever the loving husband, calling for his own wife to be placed in an internment camp. At least he said he’d follow her there. What a guy!

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