Adoption Stories

From: Crystal Bruinsma

My name is Crystal Bruinsma, I am working on a nationally broadcast documentary series called ‘Adoption Stories’. The show will air on Discovery Health Channel and the Life Network.

This series will chronicle the journey and process of individuals embarking on the most rewarding and binding experience of their lives- adoption. Many people are directly touched by adoption and we hope to provide awareness to our viewers by producing inspiring and heartwarming stories.

We are looking for adoptive/birth parents willing to participate in a memorable portrait of their child’s adoption and transition into a new home. Adoptive parents can be married or single, childless or already parenting. They can be disabled or divorced. What is most important, is their permanence, stability and lifetime commitment. This series will profile a variety of unique individuals faced with distinctive challenges and the necessary steps they take to realize a dream.

We have begun filming and are looking for more individuals to feature throughout Canada who are adopting before the end of April 2003. Our small camera crews journey into the hearts and homes of our participants in a style that is always intimate but never intrusive. Their stories will be packaged into a 30-minute documentary. A simple straightforward four-act structure will serve to frame each story; beginning with the basic introduction to the individuals and their unique story and the circumstances that have lead to this momentous decision. From there we move to the initial approach and process. We journey emotionally and physically with each prospective parent as they approach this most significant event. Finally we look at the ultimate meeting and the union that will lead to the birth of a new family.

I would appreciate any information or ideas you may have that may help me along on my search. Please feel free to pass this message onto possible participants or helpful organizations. Interested parties can contact me during business hours at the telephone number listed below, or can e-mail me at this address. I look forward to hearing from you,

Crystal Bruinsma
Adoption Stories
Great North Productions Inc.
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