Mixed Race: The Threat of White America

Mixed Race
The Threat of White America

by Patrice Farmer
February/March 2003

There is a fear within white America expressed in the view called, "The Browning of America" which has whites all over the nation terrified. They are afraid that miscegenation will create a nation of "Brown" people and that whites will become the new minority. Some whites feel that they are losing the battle when it comes to race, these groups are forming to overthrow the government and to create a white America, as it used to be for they are the true Native Americans1, such as in the online article Europeans Colonized America in 28,000 B.C., by Roger Highfield, published on the site World Church of the Creator, a Pro-White Religious Organization.

There are thousands of white racist groups who claim to promote white pride but who are in fact inciting violence, death, and hatred of everyone from Jews, Catholics, to Minorities and of course, the dreaded mixed race child. This fear of mixed race children stems from the fear that mixed race children would not be distinguishable from pure white children. According to the group Stormfront in their article, Racial Mixing in Selected European Groups: MIXING AND THE "THROWBACK" GENE2 it states: "In a practical example, if a pure Black breeds with a pure White, the offspring might emerges with a new "mutant" recessive allele (a), being heterozygous (i.e., along with a more dominant one, represented by "Ab"). " This fear is not only among white racist but of many whites who may not consider themselves racist.

The infamous "One Drop Rule" was created out of this fear that a white skinned mulatto would marry a pure white and have a child of noticeable "negroid" features therefore tainting white blood. The new threat is that white America’s rule is disappearing. In the article "The Facts on White Racial Extinction"3 it states: "There is a Nightmare on the Horizon for White America and Our Children. America will become a third world country when the White Race declines. Based on the statistics of crime and violence in America, /…(it) can be expected in the near future when the White race loses control."

In the article, Race mixing – Worse Than Murder: Murder is Homicide; Race mixing is Genocide4 states that,

"the extremely significant thing to notice is the report (Interracial Baby Boom)5 admission that most mixed births involve one White parent. What does this mean? It means that the majority of racial mixing involves the destruction of the White race – Whites mating with Asians, Whites mating with Blacks, Whites mating with Arabs or Jews, Whites mating with mestizos, Whites mating with the racially unclassifiable. You have seen it in your shopping centers. You have seen it in the street. You are a witness to genocide. You are seeing it before you’re very eyes every day. What are you doing about it? If you do not at least speak out against it, you are allowing yourself to be complicit in this horrible crime… The crime is race mixing. It is a worse crime than murder – far worse… For when you commit murder. You kill one man, you end one life, you tragically injure one family and circle of friends. When you commit murder, if your victim has had no children you do cut off the potential existence of one small branch of the race's future… But when you commit the crime of racial mixing you are participating in genocide."

Many of these white racists use the Bible as their source of racial superiority and against interracial coupling. They state that if God wanted the races to mix he would have created them equal and the same. These beliefs are still taught in all white areas across the nation. It is also taught in many white homes, whether overtly or not. Many of these white separatist groups are trying to force a race war, not only against blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc. but against us as well, their most hated and feared foe. We represent the combination of white blood with another, we are their enemy in lighter skin. So what does this mean for us?

We need to be aware of the attitudes around us. Many of these racists are very quiet about their attitudes but it often shows in the way they respond to us of Mixed Race. We are more aware than others of these attitudes. This is a serious threat to our people, the undercover hidden agenda of white supremacists whose numbers we don’t know. They are college professionals, businessmen in inner cities as well as in rural areas. We need to be aware of both white and black separatists whose aim is to end Mixed Race families in this country. We need to be aware that we may be targets for this anger. As a person who has had a gun pointed at them for stepping foot on a white man’s porch or been jumped on and spit at for being mixed and the mother of a white multi/biracial child, I am very aware of having hatred thrown at you. We need to keep our ears, our eyes, and our hearts open, because our presence, though sometimes hated also inspires others to look past race and understand that love and family comes in many different colors.


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Copyright © 2003 Patrice Farmer and The Multiracial Activist. All rights reserved.


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