Why are styles of music defined by race?

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“Why are styles of music defined by race?”

My name is Arif and I’m the singer/guitarist for the multiracial band Olio. We have a song titled “Hey Champ” that tackles the issue of discrimination in a variety of ways. Ones that we don’t quickly realize until it happens directly to us. In Hey Champ we bring forth the discrimination of music as well. How radio and the media divides music in Black and White genres or styles or by other forms of demographics. How music fans are not allowed to experience various artists and styles of music side by side without having to scan the dial on the radio or push the buttons between songs.

I’m interested in your comments on this issue. You can download “Hey Champ” at http://www.mp3.com/olio. Thanks for your time.



2003-02-12 23:47:00

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