Bicultural Families

From: Claudia A. Gray

Hello Friends:

My name is Claudia Gray and I am part a bicultural family in the US. I am a college student and this semester I have to work on an exploration project which focuses in the subject of bicultural families. I chose this research project because I am very concerned about how parents can transmit both of their cultures to their children without making them confused about it. Since I don’t have any children yet but I am thinking about it, I really would like to learn as much as I can about how a bicultural family works and how they teach both cultures to their children. My husband is a wonderful American and I am Mexican. We still are trying to blend both of our cultures and sometimes it is hard. I would like to know maybe from other families’ experiences what is a way to raise a child teaching them two cultures and their differences.

It would be really helpful if I could get any information regarding this topic. I really appreciate the fact that somebody out there cares about this issue, moreover, that is offering valuable help to people like me living and trying to make it work in a bicultural family.

Thank you again I hope to hear from you soon,


Claudia A. Gray

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