Librarians Rally on Libraries Rally Against USA Patriot Act:

Librarians across the country are rising up against the USA Patriot Act (search), shredding records and making other attempts to thwart the legal framework in the war on terror.

Librarian Cindy Czesak is in the vanguard of the rebellion at the Paterson Public Library (search) in Paterson, N.J., a densely-populated Middle Eastern community.

“We’re quiet rebels,” she said.

Czesak, like hundreds of her fellow librarians around the country, says the Patriot Act makes what people read and borrow from libraries fair game in the name of tracking terrorists.

Should this information be entered into a larger database you then run into the possibility of this data being used by less than honest public servants for purposes other than those intended by the PATRIOT Act.

Link courtesy of CAIR. This entry also posted at The Watchtower.

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