Regents Waste Money Opposing Ballot Initiative

Michelle Maitre of the Oakland Tribune on Race query initiative under fire:

University of California regents are being asked this week to oppose a ballot initiative sponsored by Regent Ward Connerly that would bar the state from classifying people by race.

The “Racial Privacy Initiative,” a proposed amendment to the state Constitution that will appear on the March 2004 ballot, would ban state and local governments from classifying people by race, ethnicity, color or national origin.

Whether or not state employees like the Board of Regents approve of this measure is irrelevant. In the grand scheme of things, they only get one vote each, just like the rest of California. The fact that they inappropriately spent taxpayer monies to oppose the measure is relevant. Regardless, the RPI will be on the ballot and will pass, making misappropriation of state funds in the form of political advocacy even less relevant.

Link courtesy of Ward Connerly.

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