RPI To Be Decided 10/7/2003

I received the attached press release update on the RPI. We’ll begin the process of removing these vile tools of the slave trade yet:

From: “Diane Schachterle”
Subj: Press Release: Racial Privacy Initiative will appear on the Recall Election Ballot
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2003 15:54:56 -0700
Size: 2.9k

The Racial Privacy Imitative
P.O. Box 189113
Sacramento, CA 95818

Racial Privacy Initiative will appear on the Recall Election Ballot

Thursday, July 24, 2003
Contact: Diane Schachterle (916) 444-2278

SACRAMENTO, CALIF.-Ward Connerly, chairman of the Racial Privacy Initiative (RPI) campaign, announced today that due to the certification of the gubernatorial recall election by California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley
yesterday, RPI will appear before California voters on the recall ballot, and not on the March 2004 primary ballot as originally scheduled. The special election has been scheduled for October 7, 2003.

RPI will prohibit the state government, local governments, and government agencies from classifying or dividing citizens by race, ethnicity, color or national origin. It has reasonable exemptions for medical treatment and research, law enforcement, the Department of Fair Employment and Housing and
any classifications required for federal funds. It is designed to be the first, moderate step towards a color-blind government, and to get the government out of the racial bean-counting business. The passage of RPI will begin the elimination of the archaic practice, rooted in slavery, of dividing and classifying people based on race.

“We are confident that that the voters of California will see the wisdom of this initiative and vote yes,” said Mr. Connerly of the new election date. “This is truly an idea whose time has come. Polls continue to show RPI is very popular with voters-the most recent Field Poll still showing a 3 to 2 approval among likely voters. We don’t need to change any plans, we just need to speed them up.”

For more information on the Racial Privacy Initiative, please visit



  1. This sounds like a positive change – I hope an initiative like this will pass in CA and spread to other states.
    On another noted related to this story, I’ve been looking over college application in the state where I live – Michigan.

    On the application for Wayne State University, there is a box to check if you are multiracial. However, the application also wants you to select the race “you identify with most,” even if you checked the multiracial box. That didn’t sit well with me, and I wonder if other people who have applied to WSU have felt the same way.

    7/28/2003 23:37

  2. Sarah, when I was working with Project RACE and INTERRACIAL VOICE on attempting to get a “multiracial” category added to the Census and government forms that collect “racial” data, the OMB issued a report that basically reinstituted the one-drop rule. The check all that apply scheme on the Census is a fraud. Apparently Michigan is attempting to do the same thing the feds have done, but in a sneakier manner. These folks have no shortage of nerve.

    7/29/2003 10:00:11 AM

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