Midnight Sunshine

Midnight Sunshine

Excerpt from the book “Midnight Sunshine

Kelvin L. Reed

by Kelvin L. Reed
August/September 2003


Nathan turned into his two-car wide, 50-feet long driveway, guided by a string of solar-charged lights spread six feet apart. As he approached the house, a pair of motion sensing floodlights illuminated the area. He paused and reached into his pocket and produced a small remote control device no bigger than the head of a tablespoon. He pressed a button and the front door’s porchlights came on.

“The porchlight for the patio door and the lights in the living room are on too,” he explained. He pressed the garage door opener attached to his sun visor and entered the garage. He pressed it again and the garage door slowly closed.

Marife squealed and clapped her hands. “So fancy. I like!” she shouted.

After he shut off the car, Nathan turned to her. “Honey, will you wait here just for a few seconds? I have to do something in the house. I’ll be right back.”

Marife nodded. “Okay.”

He jumped out of the car and went into the house for a few seconds, then returned and opened Marife’s door. “We’ll come back for your packages. Close your eyes. Give me your hand.”

Marife smiled and complied without asking any questions. She slowly stepped out of the car and allowed her fiancé to carefully guide her into the house. She could hear music playing inside as she entered. The singers were saying something about Maligayang Pasko. Merry Christmas! Christmas music. Christmas music in Tagalog, her native language!

“Just a few more steps,” Nathan whispered. “Watch your step…We’re in the living room now. Okay, open your eyes!”

Marife did exactly that and beheld a room illuminated by a seven-feet tall Christmas tree posing in front of the picture window, trimmed with an assortment of multicolored lights and ornaments. Lights had also been hung over the doorways and windows of the room.

Nathan smiled as he explained. “I don’t usually do much decorating for Christmas, but you said that in the Philippines the Christmas season starts in early November or even earlier, so I guess this is still late for you. I didn’t really spend the day with Lucinda’s boys. I spent the entire day here getting the house ready for you.” He pointed at the tree. “It’s not real. It would make quite a mess by New Year’s if it was. But I hope you still like it.”

Marife put her hands over her face and sobbed joyfully. She threw her arms around Nathan’s neck and drenched his shirt with her tears. “You so wonderful man. I love you so much. I can’t live without you. You are my whole life!” She kissed him hard on the lips.

The two lovers stared at each other. They stood in the middle of the living room while a young man and woman sang Gustong-gusto namin ang pasko! (“We like Christmas so much!”) in the background. Once again overcome by passion, Nathan and Marife kissed repeatedly, jamming their tongues deeply into each other’s mouths. Marife whispered into Nathan’s ear. “I so sorry we no make love now.”

Nathan held her chin with his thumb and index finger. “My dear Fe, we’ve been making love since the day you arrived.”

About the book

Midnight Sunshine
by Kelvin L. Reed

While browsing through a computer magazine, Nathan Patterson noticed an ad that would change his life. He saw the face of the lovely woman and the words printed underneath her: Beautiful, Faithful Asian Women Want to Meet and Marry You!

Now he and his Asian fiancée, Marife, have 90 days to get married or she has to return to her home country. Do they have enough time to determine if their love, based on exchanging letters, is real?

About the author

Kelvin L. Reed holds a Ph.D. in counseling psychology. He and his wife live near Boston, Massachusetts. Midnight Sunshine is his second novel.

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