Proposition 54

The magic date for the Racial Privacy Initiative is October 7, 2003. This idea has been in the planning stages since November 1998. The anticipation is almost too much to bear. But there’s still work to do to get us there. So, I’m asking for your help dear reader.

Since those opposed to the Racial Privacy Initiative, now known as Proposition 54, are zealously mounting their campaign of disinformation, the steering committee of the RPI is organizing its counteroffensive in response. Those in favor of shedding slavery era “racial” classification schemes and interested in countering the lies and disinformation being spread by the collectivists and “racialists” opposed to the initiative are asked make their voices heard. As the coordinator of the public relations counter-offensive (with Mr. Connerly’s approval), I’m looking for recruits willing to write letters to the editor, make phone calls to radio and television talk shows, etc. in favor of this proposition. I won’t sugarcoat it, this is going to get ugly. And fast, but the timeframe is short, so the ugliness won’t last long.

The alternative is to keep “boxing” our children in based on a program of government enforced mental segregation, modelled on the desires of slavers and subjugation of human beings for profit.

Contrary to the lies being spread by those in favor of these classifications, they were not created for the purpose of tracking discrimination or unscientific methods of “eyeball” classifying for medical purposes. Their origins lie in much more horrendous designs. These classification schemes have been used by many despicable individuals over the years in their campaigns of “racial” intolerance and terror. One of the worst being Walter Plecker of Virginia who used “racial” classifications to persecute and disenfranchise “multiracial” individuals all over the state. Plecker even attempted to spread his campaign of terror into other states via letters and intimidation. Without these classifications, his campaign of harassment and intimidation would not have been posssible.

These categories, used to enforce slavery laws, disgusting anti-miscegenation laws, the one-drop rule, and the internment of Americans of Japanese descent were not created for the greater good of humanity. As someone who can check more than one box on government forms that collect “racial” data I am forever aware of their origins. I can’t escape the thought that these boxes were used to segregate and persecute some of my own ancestors. Those opposed to scrapping the boxes are lying when they assert otherwise. This last vestige of our evil slavery heritage must die a necessary death. It is time to break with the past and let this evil go. If you’re willing to join the fight, sign up directly here. I’ll put you on the action alert list. This struggle is 300 years in the making. We will be one step closer come October 7. Join with me and Ward Connerly in rejecting these controlling slavery era classification schemes. Break the chains.


  1. I really admire Ward Connerly as a gentle but firm, voice for freedom. But perhaps it would be better to call the measure the Cultural Privacy Initiative. You know the way the race card is so deftly played. Martin Luther King Jr. urged Americans to appraise each other based on “the content of their character.” That is, instead of putting people into groups to be controlled and managed. I think I support Ward’s initiative even more now, since I receive so many of those internet surveys. Whenever the question of race or culture pops up, I simply check “Other.” Then it generates another question, “What race do you consider yourself?” So I fill in, “Human.” I think that just about sums it up!!

    8/13/2003 11:26:56 PM

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