Seven Daughters of Eve

I have submitted the following letter to the new website – Steve Sailer Sucks:

In a future article on your Steve Sailer Sucks website you may want to cover the following: Steve consistently refers to “races” as being nothing more than a big family when he is peddling his “race is real” garbage. He particularly likes to discuss the groundbreaking book “Seven Daughters of Eve” when doing so, pointing out that all “white” Europeans can trace their lineage to seven different Eurasian population groups. This part is true and I find no problem with that. But, what Sailer neglects to disclose, willfully I might add, is that the author of the book goes on to point out that all seven tribes of Europe can then be traced to one “mother” in Africa. It seems that when Sailer is promoting the “race is like a big family” garbage, he is willfully excluding part of the family. The original part of the family – their African mother to be exact. People eat this explanation up in droves, not taking the time to realize that the 7 population groups have their origins in one African woman. This bit of information makes the “family” bigger – making it ONE family, hence, ONE “race.” Sailer does nothing to correct this misconception. He is committing fraud through omission.

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  1. Hi,I found this blog by accident… it’s really interesting. I just want to say that there r no real races when it comes to people. Some folks in old times made that term “race” but they didnt even know what they are talking about. Cos all they meant was so called fenotype (if i remember correctly – which means the looks like hair, skin color, face feature. But genetically two people from different “races” can have more simillar gen set than two people from the same “race”. So I believe there is really ONLY ONE race when talking about humans. It’s a pitty that some people doesnt want to understand the truth. It hurts me cos i have a biracial daughter – and thats how many people see her – but she is simply human like everyone else.


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