Libertarian Matt Hale – NOT!!!

Someone arrived at my blog today after the following search: Libertarian Matt Hale. I’ve got a few posts on him in my archives, so that makes sense. I also had a letter to the editor on Hale published in the Peoria Journal Star. What disturbs me, however, is the use of Libertarian in connection with his name.

For the record, Matt Hale is NOT a libertarian. He is a little boy with a bunch of rough friends who operated a violent hate group out of daddy’s house in East Peoria. Nothing in his racialist collectivism is compatible with libertarianism.

His entire being focuses on placing importance on some perverse system of “divine” group membership based on loosely held genetic traits for folks who can trace most of their heritage to Europe. Libertarianism emphasizes individuality, free will and the right to do what you want so long as you don’t infringe on the liberty of others. Hale and his ilk emphasize group membership and solidarity based on fear and coercion while seeking to deny individual rights to those who don’t fit in with their “divine” demographic. It should be easy enough to understand the difference.

Hale was a blight on Central Illinois and an embarrassment and I’m glad he left. But he isn’t now, nor has the little shit ever been a libertarian. I just thought I’d clear up anyone’s confusion.

End of discussion.

UPDATE: Okay, I lied, that wasn’t the end of the discussion. As Jeff Trigg points out in the comments, Hale would still be in daddy’s house in East Peoria if he wasn’t in jail for conspiracy to commit murder. When Hale had previously announced that he would move his organization headquarters to Wyoming, I thought he was going with them. I should have known it was too good to be true. Damn.


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