On To The Supreme Court (Hopefully)

The Center for National Security Studies has petitioned the Supreme Court (pdf) to review the two year old FOIA lawsuit regarding the secret detentions of Arabs and Muslims following the terrorist attacks on September 11. As my publication, The Multiracial Activist, is a plaintiff to this lawsuit, I’m hopeful that the Supremes will decide to take it on. That said, I’ve no clue which way the case may be decided if it is considered. Should the Court hear the lawsuit and decide in our favor, the true winner would be liberty. In the end, that is what matters most. It is completely pointless to oppose terrorism worldwide if we are not free within our own borders.

I may not know much, but I do know this – freedom is not protected via secret detentions, violations of attorney-client privilege and denial of due process. Nor are these civil liberties contingent on geographical origins or religious affiliations. Contrary to the views of opportunistic jackboots and their apologists, this lawsuit isn’t about punishing Bush, embarrassing Ashcroft or ‘siding with the terrorists’. Its about ensuring compliance with the Constitution and maintaining the legalistic sense of fairness that separates our nation from thugs like Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

For more information on this lawsuit, click here.

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