Racial Profiling and The RPI

From a poster on a discussion group I subscribe to with regard to “racial” profiling and the Racial Privacy Initiative:

genizizi” wrote:

OK, now explain how Prop 54 wouldn’t have prohibited racial profiling by the police, but would also exempt the police of being required to reveal their practices of racial profiling.

First off, racial profiling is a product of The Drug War. It will go on as long as The Drug War lasts. It is far too profitable for local police departments. This is not an issue that can be solved on the local and state level. This has its roots in the DEA, FBI and other parts of the Justice Department. Such profiling is wrong, but the way asset seizure and sentencing laws are written make it far too enticing for local departments to pass up the easy money (the share they get to keep). So they engage in “racial” profiling by targeting specific neighborhoods hoping for a quick arrest using unConstitutional suspensions of the 4th and 5th Amendments.

Further, nothing in the RPI mentioned not allowing tracking of “racial” profiling practicies, nor did anything specifically allow “racial” profiling.

If you want to end “racial” profiling you have to hit it at its source – The Drug War.

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