Multiracial Psychology Study

I received the following announcement for a new study from Diana Sanchez. Her announcement is below:

There is a limited amount of empirical research in psychology that samples a broad range of individuals from multiracial backgrounds. Because empirical research is unfortunately more valued than some other types of research, we think it is important that researchers, like myself, explore some of psychology of individuals who have multiracial backgrounds. I am using this research to explore the attitudes, identities, and well-being of individuals from multiracial backgrounds as a way to put multiracials “on the map” so to speak in psychology. Anything you can do to help me do that would be appreciated.

You do not need to identify as multiracial to complete the study. You do not need to be affiliated with the University. You can be of any age, occupation, etc. You just need to have biological parents of different racial backgrounds to participate in this study. If you have participated in any one of my studies before, you can still fill this out.

Please link to this study………..

Thanks, Diana

Please click on the link above if you are interested in participating this study, as it is not sponsored or hosted by The Multiracial Activist.

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