Armstrong Williams: Personal reflections of Thurmond’s paternity

Armstrong Williams: For the record
December 15, 2003

The truth has a biological advantage. It doesn’t need the artifice of man to survive. It lives and breathes freely on its own.

78-year old Essie Mae Washington-Williams recently confirmed one of the oldest rumors of Southern political folklore: that she is the mixed-race daughter of former US Senator Strom Thurmond (R-SC).

Williams, whose mother worked as a maid in the Thurmond family home, has long rumored to be Thurmond’s daughter. In a 1968 book, writer Robert Sherrill alleged that Thurmond had fathered a mixed race child. In 1972, the front page of a local South Carolina newspaper announced that Thurmond fathered a “colored offspring.” In 1992 The Washington Post referred to Williams as Thurmond’s “supposed daughter.”


  1. Mr. Williams:
    You are truly sick! Your mentor raped a 15 year old, impregnated her and then abandoned and denied the existence of his own child for his entire life. Family values? Christian charity?
    How about common decency? Are there no depths of depravity you won’t sink to defend your dead criminal slave master? You are beyond words.

  2. Seems to me that Mr. Lynch is fixating on a close view of the world around him, and therefore cannot see the forest for the trees in the #@$%^ way.
    I salute both you and the late senator for having worked past the difficulty and having the kind of relationship you did. From the 30,000 foot view, it was great to see the obstacles that you overcame. I for one will not view it in such a tight and restricted context that I lose your triumph over circumstances just outside of my viewing scope.

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