Strom Thurmond’s Child: Old Times There Are Not Forgotten

“Black” intellectuals like to categorize all “miscegenation” between Southern “white” males and “black” or mixed females before the Civil Rights era as “rape.” That may make the “white” liberals feel guilty, but it is more likely that many women of the “Negro” caste were receptive to “white” male attention.

The 15 year-old who had sex with the 21 or 22 year old Stom Thurmond was probably flattered to receive the attentions of the handsome son of the town’s most prominent white family. The people who shout “rape” with no proof talk as if teenager girls never voluntarily have sex.

Strom Thurmond’s Child: Old Times There Are Not Forgotten
The New York Times
December 21, 2003

There may not have been a more lowly and vulnerable position in Edgefield, S.C., in 1925 than that of a teenage black maid.

But that was how Essie Mae Washington-Williams’s mother, Carrie Butler, was employed when she and a young Strom Thurmond, the scion of a powerful white family, had what Mrs. Williams described as “an affair.”

Affair? That’s the language many people have used to refer to the liaison after Mrs. Williams broke a lifetime of silence last week and revealed that she was the mixed-race daughter of one of the South’s most powerful and segregationist politicians.


  1. This is one more hyped-up contribution to the Cult of Victimology so warmly embraced by the Leftist intelligentsia with regard to blacks. ‘Blacks’ have always been ‘victims’; they have never been in a position to exercise free will, and anything negative that ever happened to them throughout history or in their personal lives is not their responsibility, much less their fault.

    It is amazing to see the clich├ęs that have crept out of the woodwork in the wake of this story, not to speak of the Hemings-Jefferson affair. Judging from the comments made by these journalists and the race bureaucrats that that they quote, you would think that whites and blacks inhabited two different planets, only linking briefly when their respective orbits conjoined. Or, at the very least, that these two cases were some kind of unique phenomena that should cause all our jaws to drop open in wonderment.

    ‘Land sakes!!! Did you ever?!”

    Give me a break.


    Mon 12/22/2003 2:08 AM

  2. Incidentally, it occurs to me that the implication that Strom Thurmond’s dalliance with Carrie Butler involved coercion or even rape on his part is typical for our current ‘blacks are always victims’ ideology. If this had come to light back in the twenties, everyone would be calling Thurmond the ‘victim’, claiming that the 15-year-old Butler had seduced him with her wicked animal wiles, as all ‘black’ women are known to do.

    It just doesn’t seem to dawn on anybody that these two young people might have simply found each other attractive and fallen in love, does it? Ah yes, but this is America, and that thought is altogether unthinkable!


    Mon 12/22/2003 2:23 AM

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