A Canadian view of the Strom/Essie issue

This Canadian paper denounces the racism of Americans but endorses the “one drop” myth and sees no contradiction in it.

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Thurmond’s secret
The Globe and Mail
Friday, December 19, 2003 – Page A26

The secret history of U.S. segregationist Strom Thurmond underscores the amazing resiliency of the lies on which racism is built. Insisting on separating black and white, Mr. Thurmond denied the common humanity of the races. There were anti-miscegenation laws in 29 states until 1967, yet the South’s great defender was the father of a black daughter. And the U.S. senator kept his secret safe for 78 years, dying at 100 without ever publicly acknowledging her.

The Washington Post, in its obituary last June, reported that Mr. Thurmond became a father for the first time at 68. As his family acknowledged this week, Mr. Thurmond became a father at 22. The mother was the black maid in his parents’ home. Although many people knew the truth, the “secret” never leaked out to the mass media.

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