Commentary: Strom’s dark secret

Swanson doesn’t recognize that “millions” of blacks don’t have mixed whites in their families AND this “miscegenation” he condemns as “rape” was also considered an “honor.” The black devotion to the “one drop” myth proves that. You don’t fight to hold on to something shameful. You do fight to hold on to an “honor” or highly prized “white” genes.

Commentary: Strom’s dark secret
The Washington Times
by Al Swanson

The year was 1925 — 62 years after the Civil War and abolition of legalized slavery.

Strom Thurmond was 22, living at his parents’ home, and working as a teacher and high school coach.

Carrie Butler, a black housemaid, was 16.

In polite society such sexual liaisons would have been miscegenation, race mixing outlawed by South Carolina law until 1998. But in Edgefield, S.C., where the Thurmond family had a beautiful two-story home, such dalliances were hushed up and swept under the rug.

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