Louisiana Creoles: White by Definition

This is still the best overall book on Louisiana Creoles. Dominguez is reasonably objective without an ax to grind. She also points out the tremendous psychological pressures that Creoles endure because the Jim Crow system forced them to share schools and other facilities with Anglo blacks who were determined to destroy Creole identity and incorporate Creole genes into the “black race.” The self-hatred that the “black power” movement forced on the younger Creoles is incredible. Her informants told her of boys who washed their straight hair with vinegar in order to “kink” it and create “Afros.” They did this because black boys would harass or beat them. I’ve also heard of this happening with non-Creoles of mixed ancestry. The Creoles have really been subjected to what Brent Kennedy would call an “ethnic cleansing” by legal or cultural suppression (as opposed to physical murder). What is even more incredible is that the most damage has been inflicted by a people (American “blacks”) who do not have a state, police or military, or any of the usual institutions of authority one would expect of a people powerful enough to suppress or claim ownership of another.

White by Definition: Social Classification in Creole Louisiana
by Virginia Dominguez


  1. It’s obvious you’re scarred, A.D. Powell. Not all blacks collectively are responsible for this pain, some are, but not the whole population. Many black individuals nation wide have never heard of, or even care about hypo-descendant or multiracial issues.
    You’re scarred and angry, I hope you and other’s can become healed. God bless.

    1/4/2004 4:34:12 AM

  2. As a person of Creole heritage I must say that I have read some far out theories and ideologies in my time but this is by far the biggest crock of lies that I have read. Blacks Americans are probably the most accepting and welcoming group of people in this country. If anything it was the ignorance of the older Creole community that was disturbing to young Creole boys. For example, “stay out of the sun or you will turn black,’ do not marry black females or your children will be dark with bad hair.” All of this for a quest to assimilate with a white race that does not acknowledge the Creole presence. Are you SERIOUS!!!

  3. No! Blacks are not the most accepting people. They want to assimilate anyone who has any kind of black heritage. I know white people who are alot more accepting then that. So, blacks are not the most accepting people and to say they are is ridiculous.

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