Fighting Hate, Across Cultures and Generations

David Gewirtzman says, “She’s black, I’m white;” Maybe he thinks he’s just talking about physical descriptions, but the government-imposed “races” of “black” and “white” are just as dangerous as the “races” of “Aryan” and “non-Aryan” that resulted in the Holocaust. Both are based on the assumption that there is a racially “pure” and “superior” group that must be protected, by any means, from “contamination” with an “inferior” group.

Fighting Hate, Across Cultures and Generations
The New York Times
January 14, 2004

David Gewirtzman and Jacqueline Murekatete stood before a restless group of students at Great Neck North High School, waiting to tell their stories. They seemed to be an unlikely pair speaking on what seemed an unlikely topic – genocide – for a group of teenagers munching on sandwiches and rustling snack wrappers.

By the time they had finished, however, the only sound that could be heard in the room was the faint hum of a radiator.

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