Looking for Biracial Individuals!!!

For those interested in participating, I’ve received the following research announcement:

Looking for Biracial Individuals!!!

Hello all,

My name is Peter Adams and I am a counseling psychology graduate student at The Ohio State University. I am currently doing a research project on biracial individuals and I am looking for biracial individuals to participate in my online survey. In this survey, you will be answering questions about ambiguous experience, ethnic identity, and well being. The survey will take around 30 minutes to complete, maybe a little less.

As an extra incentive (beyond the good feelings you will have knowing you have greatly helped a student in need), I will be having six money raffles that you may enter upon completion of the survey ($10 each). If desired, you will be entered in all remaining raffles upon completion of the survey.

The only requirements are that you are biracial, 18 years of age or older, and you can read English. For the purposes of this study, biracial is defined as an individual who is the product of sexual relations b/t two racially differing monoracial individuals (e.g. black mother, white father).

If you are interested in helping me by participating, please click on the link below or email me at adams.482@osu.edu . You may also contact my advisor with question or concerns. Her information is listed below.


Please feel free to pass this email on to other biracial individuals that you may know. I appreciate your time and look forward to your help in gaining new insight into our experiences as biracial people.


Peter Adams

Pam Highlen, Ph.D
(614) 292-5308
104 Townshend Hall
1885 Niel Avenue Mall
Columbus, OH 43210

As always, refer to the information above in order to contact the researchers with your questions or comments.

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