The John Walsh Show

Today’s The John Walsh Show covers the topic of MULTIRACIAL: WHERE DO I BELONG? An excerpt from the program description is below:

Multiracial Americans are one of the fastest growing populations in the country, now numbering some 7 million people. Today, we explore what it means to be multiracial in today’s society. Why is it that some multiracial young people are able to embrace all of the races that make them who they are…while others struggle with their identities, and in some cases even feel forced to “choose” one race over the others? Today, we talk with guests who are all multiracial…but who have had very different life experiences.

Readers and viewers can use the “comments” link below to leave their thoughts and observations on this installment of The John Walsh Show. Also, thanks go out to The John Walsh Show for the link to The Multiracial Activist.

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