Talk Shows and “mixed race”

This is so typical of American talk shows on “mixed race” identity. I’m surprised that any positive role models (the Graham siblings) were invited at all.

Why did they invite a Black Muslim bigot in to give the “other side” in opposition to OFFICIAL intermarriage but demanding that “white blood” be integrated into this “race” by force? No one invites a Nazi to give the “other side” when Jewish topics are discussed.

No one from “The Multiracial Activist” or “Interracial Voice” has ever been invited on these shows. Hispanics are never invited on as an example of “mixed race.” These shows are all dedicated to promoting the “one drop” myth.

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  1. The irony that two of the Nation of Islam’s top historical leaders were/are mulatto (Malcom X & Farrahkan) is pretty hilarious.

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