Poppy Dixon, Habitual Liar

Once again, Poppy Dixon is lying. Now she claims that my publications The Multiracial Activist and The Abolitionist Examiner are:

“Two journals based on destroying all racial categories except “white,” which is the implicit meaning behind the concept of “colorblindness.”

For the record, for those who don’t listen to liars, I’ve lobbied against ALL forms of “racial” classification, including the “white” or “caucasian” categories. But then, longtime readers already know this.

Poppy Dixon, stop lying.

This entry also posted at Taking The Gloves Off.

UPDATE: Miss Poppy Dixon has noticed I posted about her comments with regard to TMA and TAE:

James Landrith, who googles himself more often than anyone I know

Actually, for those who know better, remember: when you link to another website and a reader clicks that link it is recorded in the site activity reports of the destination website (assuming that function has been enabled) and it will also be recorded in web-based trackers like SiteMeter (which is how I knew about her posting in the first place), eXtremetracking, etc. So no, silly girl, I didn’t google myself. I simply followed the traffic you sent me back to your website. But that was a nice attempt at changing the subject.

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