Pushkin and “One Drop”

Can you believe this woman?

1) She denounces marriages between “black” men and “white” women when she’s nearly white herself (see picture in original article).

2) She fears “interracial” marriage but want to claim the 1/8 African but completely Russian Alexander Pushkin for the “black race.”

3) In her parody of GONE WITH THE WIND, entitled THE WIND DONE GONE, she uses a light mulatto elite lady as her heroine AND puts the fatal “black blood” in Scarlett O’Hara. These people are supposed to represent “blacks” or “African Americans.”

4) She is one of the fanatical supporters of the “one drop” myth who try to reconcile their combined hatred and adoration for “whites” by creating a false “black” history that consists of nothing more than claiming “whites” for the “black race” (especially “whites” who are already honored by other “whites”).

5) No one in the media will EVER point out her contradictions.

Verbal Grenades Ignite Discussion About a New Book
The New York Times
March 16, 2004

Alice Randall knows how to drill into a nerve.

“Why is it that so many black women are troubled by interracial relationships?” she asked the women from the Brooklyn chapter of Links, a service organization made up mostly of African-American women. “And why is it that so
many black athletes will only choose white women?”

Then she got personal. “My ex-husband, when he remarried, he married someone white,” she said. “What does that say to my daughter about the attractiveness of black girls?”

With that, she detonated the kind of lively discussion she was looking for. Nodding, a woman said, “Look at who our men marry, while our attractive professional women ——”

One comment

  1. Why is she so concerned about black men and white women getting together? As a black/indian woman, I don’t care. What she needs to do is to raise her daughter to be the best person, not have her worried about interracial couples and children. It’s ironic that white multiracial and “mulatto” women are the most concerned about “black” men going to the “white” side when they have white ancestry themselves. I hardly ever hear “black” women. When I say “black,” I mean darker, less mixed ones. They have better things to do than to sit around and complain about their men going to the other side.

    4/23/2004 12:36

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