Frist’s First Priority: Medical Quotas

Frist Priority: Medical Affirmative Action
Last Priority: Competent Doctors

By Steve Sailer
April 25, 2004

Senate Majority Leader and surgeon Bill Frist (R-TN) is pushing as his “highest priority” a bill he introduced along with Louisiana Democrat Mary Landrieu called “Closing the Health Care Gap Act of 2004.” It’s intended to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in health care. Or maybe in healthiness. It’s hard to tell from Frist’s explanation what he’s thinking. If anything.


  1. This is the same Steve Sailer who uses pseudo science to continue racist ideas, and who is a regular contributor to (another racist site). This is the same Steve Sailer listed as one of the US’s leading racists by the Southern Poverty Law Center (

    So, why are you posting an article by someone like this?

    5/4/2004 2:59:36 AM

  2. Only fools refuse to find out what their enemies are thinking. The point is that this use of false “racial” classifications in medicine is growing more popular. However, it is not limited to avowed racialists. It is promoted by drug companies and doctors who CLAIM to be anti-racist. Some drugs are going to be openly marketed for “blacks” or “whites.” THAT is what should alarm you!

    5/6/2004 9:20:24 PM

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