Consistently Aggravating

Consistently Aggravating

James Landrith

by James A. Landrith, Jr.
May/June 2004

Unlike certain "multiracial" organization leaders (ya'll know who you are), I am willing to work with individuals and organizations from any part of the political spectrum – independent-minded heathen libertarian though I be. I've participated in coalitions and lawsuits that have included a true diversity of political thought and philosophies ranging from People for the American Way to the Christian Coalition, from the American Civil Liberties Union to the Free Congress Foundation and from the National Black Caucus of State Legislators to the American Conservative Union.

However, It always strikes me as odd that when I criticize the NAACP for aggravated one-drop politics or the Nation of Islam for their call for reinstitution of anti-miscegenation laws in America or former Klansman Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) for his use of "racial" slurs and Representative Diane Watson (D-CA) for her ridiculous, disparaging comments about Ward Connerly's "interracial" marriage, I'm labeled as a right-wing nut.

Further, when I go after Trent Lott for his long and well-documented association with the Council of Conservative Citizens and Bob Jones University for banning "interracial" dating while seeking to participate in a government seizure of a share of state taxpayer monies from the very same people who weren't allowed to attend the school I get labeled a left-winger and a communist.

Am I really a "right-wing nut" and a "left-winger" and a "communist"? Or are some folks more than a little inconsistent in how they apply their principles with regard to tolerance, "racism" and dealing with such from their chosen part of the political spectrum? I'd say its the latter. (Feel free to retain blinders and mumble amongst yourselves.)

I wonder if the same people on the left side of the "multiracial" movement – the ones who refer to those not in lockstep obedience with their dictates as being right-wing nuts – will ever concede that some of us moderates, conservatives, independents and libertarians aren't the simpleton fallguys they've made us out to be? For instance, The Multiracial Activist has been labeled as "right-wing" by quite a few blinders-on folks who play the "see no evil," "hear no evil," "speak no evil" game when confronted with people like Byrd and Watson. This is inconsistent with the praise I received from the same parties for going after Trent Lott and Bob Jones University.

Further, by opposing both "racial" quotas and "racial" profiling, I send both so-called lefties and righties into hissyfits. They don't know how to react to someone who sees both practices as a denial of individuality, an encroachment on the rights of the individual and a promotion of collectivist stereotypes. It is perplexing how some right-oriented folks pretend that there is nothing wrong with "racial" profiling yet disparage quotas and set-asides, while many of their counterparts on the left promote quotas and set-asides while decrying "racial" profiling. This is inconsistent and contradictory.

Understanding fully that no political party, organization or personality holds the patent for fairness, consistency and morality, I firmly believe in putting principle before party. This, however, leads the willfully politically naive to rush to play the label game – depending on which side of the fence which they happen to identify. It doesn't make sense, nor does it get anything accomplished.

Folks, you can't have it both ways. And for the record, I'm neither left, nor right – if you have to call me anything, try consistent. Perhaps to the point of aggravation.

James Landrith is the notorious editor and publisher of The Multiracial Activist and The Abolitionist Examiner, two cyber-rags dedicated to freedom from oppressive "racial" categorization. Landrith can be reached by email at: or at his personal website/blog.

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