Brown vs. Black vs. America

June 13, 2004
Brown vs. Black vs. America
By Steve Sailer

California lawyer Nicolas C. Vaca got his start as an ethnic activist by listening to Malcolm X lecture at Berkeley in 1963.

But by the end of the 1960s, Vaca had discovered that, in the civil rights struggle, all minorities are equal, but one minority is more equal than others:

“Before arriving in Washington I expected to encounter other Mexican Americans at the [U.S. Commission on Civil Rights], but I discovered that I, a summer intern, was the highest ranking Mexican American there.”

Eventually, more Latinos elbowed their way into the lucrative business of being professional minorities. But they found that the dominant blacks weren’t willing to allow them places at the table in proportion to their burgeoning numbers.

Another point Sailer doesn’t know or care about is that black elites have agreed to exempt Hispanics from the “one drop rule” because the latter are so numerous they would be serious competition for the attention of “whites.” The Anglo and Creole counterparts of Hispanics are too few and disorganized to be a threat to black political power.

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