The “White” Palestinian and the “Black” Brazilian

Look at the pictures of the Palestinian and the Brazilian. The U.S. Government would say that the Palestinian is “white” simply because she comes from the Middle East. All people from the Middle East are “Caucasians” according to affirmative action rules.

No Track, No Recognized Country, One Pair of Shoes
The New York Times
August 8, 2004

Sanaa Abu Bkheet, who was once the target of ridicule, heads to Athens to compete in the 800 meters as one of just two Palestinian Olympians.

A Nation’s Hope Rises Out of Nowhere
The New York Times
August 8, 2004

She has the diminutive height of a jockey, but other than that, not much about Daiane dos Santos of Brazil fits the profile of a world-champion gymnast.

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