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Apparently, I am about to be censured in print. Or on the web. Or somewhere. Someone calling themself “J. Scott” or “J.P. Scott” ( has been demaning that I answer a series of questions and disassociate myself from a long-time friend or else he/she/it will skewer me in print, publish blatant lies and proclaim me unethical, sad and egotistical. I don’t know who this person’s publisher is, but they will be hearing from me and the truth about J. Scott’s conduct will be revealed.

Well, I’ve been on the receiving end of hate mail and threats from apologists for Bob Jones University, “white” supremacists, anti-miscegenationist hotheads, rabid one-drop rule enforcers and Farrakhan devotees many times since founding The Multiracial Activist in 1997. I can take whatever this person is threatening to dish out. That said, a word to the wise, free speech is one thing, fabrications and lies are quite another. It would behoove my self-appointed censor to mind every single word, comma and inflection. I will deal with falsehoods in an expeditious and expensive manner.

This disgruntled former commenter to A Mixed Blog, who posted there with multiple fake email addresses until kicked off for a completely uncalled for attack on my parenting abilities, has further demanded that I:

— answer a string of unsolicited questions via email

— kick one of the regular bloggers off the website

— and hurry up about it

First off, can anyone tell me where one person gets to claim dominion over me and my time? Perhaps I missed something, but last time I checked, I wasn’t anyone’s property. Questioning my fatherhood and making demands isn’t the way to get my positive attentions. Demanding that I submit to their will or be skewered in public is called blackmail.

Apparently, if I don’t submit to these demands then I am also “egotistical” and “sad.” That’s fascinating. I’m the one being told what to do as if I am mere property, yet that makes me egotistical.

I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone. I certainly hope this episode ends soon.

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  1. It is so unfortunate that the world and the Web is so full of idiots.
    Don’t let them get you down! Keep doing what you’re doing.

    8/18/2004 11:53:05 PM

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