It isn’t slavery chaining blacks

It isn’t slavery chaining blacks
Call it the Cosby Consensus.
Published on: 09/24/04

Across the country, middle-class black Americans are applauding comedian Bill Cosby’s insistent campaign to draw attention to the bad habits and poor choices that limit black achievement. There has been little disagreement about his main points — that drug use, poor classroom performance and the embrace of outlaw culture have done nothing but cement the black underclass at the bottom of American society. An ethic that dismisses serious scholarship as “a white thing” has handicapped middle-class black kids, too.

In early September, Cosby spoke at a Washington forum sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, where he criticized parents who allow their children to be “managed with a cellphone” and who don’t keep up with their children’s school work. According to published reports, his remarks were warmly received. After the forum, Al Sharpton credited Cosby with creating a “sea change” by speaking out publicly on a previously taboo topic.

I would also add that claiming multiracial people as “black” only maintains the old illusion that “white blood” is necessary in order to succeed.

Also, if “skin color” is the only thing motivating “white racists,” how does Tucker explain the skin color of Vijay Singh and other South Asians, Latinos, Arabs, etc. Singh is far darker than either Tiger Woods or Tucker.

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