Born in America, adopted abroad

Born in America, adopted abroad
Byline: Dawn Davenport Contributor to The Christian Science Monitor
Date: 10/27/2004

Adrian Stokkeland, a 2-year-old in Canada, dances with his mom to the music of Elvis and sleeps with his most treasured possession, a box of toy cars. Emma Sonnenschein, an energetic 19-month-old in Germany, loves to “help” her mom around the house. Elisa van Meurs, a 5-year-old in the Netherlands, is a real girly-girl. Her favorite outfit is a Minnie Mouse dress, paired with a Snow White tiara and pink Barbie shoes.

Adrian, Emma, and Elisa have more in common than their charm and being the apple of their parents’ eyes. All are black children born in the United States and adopted as infants by parents in other countries.

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