Dr. Rice and the Offensive Minstrel of Hate

From a discussion on Dr. Condoleeza Rice, nominee for Secretary of State:

Couldn’t get this attachement to show up. Here’s the link: http://www.rogerlsimon.com/mt-archives/Condi.jpg

It’s a cartoon from Danziger (a left leaning) cartoonist. Apparently, this was so offensive it wasn’t published.

I found information on this from Roger Simon’s web blog:

http://www.rogerlsimon.com/ . Here’s the entry relating to the cartoon:

“The folks are throwing shoes and RICE…” Democracy Project has some disturbing links to cartoonists who may have fallen into the not-so “Tender Trap” of racism while making fun of our newly-nominated Secretary of State, including this “masterpiece” by the “highly-sophisticated” Jeff Danziger.

As a civil libertarian (PATRIOT Act) and veteran (1200+ bodybags and “Mission Accomplished”) I’m no fan of this Administration and did not vote for Bush or Kerry. I’m further disappointed that a woman of Rice’s intellect and accomplishments would allow her reputation to be tainted by her association with this particular group of chickenhawkish neo-conservative opportunists. That said, to apply racial stereotypes to Rice’s political actions (completely unrelated to race) is reprehensible and disgusting. Its indicative of a double standard among those committing such slurs.

I said something along a similar note here:


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