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J. Douglas Allen-Taylor of The Berkeley Daily Planet has an interesting story titled On Biblical Norm’s and George W. Bush:

My good Christian friends used to tell the story about a young colored man from the little community of Pineville, South Carolina, who was drafted into the Army just after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (“colored was a progressive term in those days, a giant step up from nigger”). When he got his notice papers, this colored fellow—a good Baptist—got down on his knees and told God he would not fear going to war so long as Jesus would walk with him, wherever he went. So Jesus agreed to go.

And so the young colored soldier went through some of the fiercest battles of the war—first in North Africa, then the invasion of France, Italy, and finally the storming of the heartland of Germany. He came out with nary a scratch, because Jesus was always at his side. Jesus was with him when he got his discharge papers, and with him, as well, on the long ocean trip by troop ship back to America. Disembarking at Charleston, the soldier was so happy to be home and unharmed, he jumped up, shouting, as soon as his feet hit Carolina soil, saying, “Come on, Jesus, I ain’t catching no bus; I’m fixing to walk myself back home.” And so he did, Jesus still by his side. Going through the little town of Goose Creek on Sunday morning, the soldier came upon a little church by the side of the road, where a congregation of white folks were inside, shouting and singing and praising the Lord.

The commentary further mentions The Multiracial Activist and my little part in the Bob Jones University “interracial” dating controversy.

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