One Drop Rule In Reverse

Denying Assistance to Mixed Bloods Perpetuates Genocide
IMDiversity, Inc.
By Louis Whitehead
The legitimacy of mixed-bloods

I am only part Indian, but all of me is confused.

A couple of weeks ago, Indian Country Today ran an editorial that discussed the opportunities for education and employment available to Native American youth today. The piece also talked about how Native communities should do what they can to support the endeavors of their young people, and how young people in turn should do what they can to support their communities, tribes, and nations.

While such noble assertions are all well and good, they often fail to include and take into account an often-overlooked group of people: those of mixed blood, especially those not tribally enrolled and tied to reservation communities. One can essentially relegate such people to the status of the unwanted stepchildren of Indian Country.

Read the rest here to see the one-drop rule in reverse.

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