TMA News Links – January 14, 2005

TMA News Links
January 14, 2005


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January 14, 2005
Editor, James A. Landrith, Jr.

Welcome to another issue of TMA News Links, a supplement to The Multiracial Activist Newsletter, transmitting selected news links to the mailing list on a (hopefully more) regular basis, as they are added to the news sections of the website. First launched last Fall, this service is intended to become a weekly news bulletin. Should your email program truncate or distort the urls, these links will also be available at: and

The latest news links are available below:

The art of pitching in: In the wake of tragedy, private donations are not always enough
by Bill Fields (Golf World) (January 14, 2005)


Tsunami Babies: What Future For Them Abroad?
by Pueng Vongs (The Free Press Of Namibia) (January 14, 2005)


Oregonians must explore dark side of racial past
(The Oregon Daily Emerald) (January 14, 2005)


Harvey women fighting to get 3-month-old back
by Jonathan Lipman (The Star) (January 13, 2005)


Beyond the Dream, King addressed Latin American issues
by Mary Sanchez (Knight Ridder Newspapers) (January 13, 2005)


Her smile is her umbrella
by Käri Knutson (Winona Daily News) (January 13, 2005)


Burns film on Jack Johnson portrays first black sports celebrity
by William R. Wood (The Kalamazoo Gazette) (January 13, 2005)


Navajo families rely on faith ceremonies for healing, blessings: Traditional services make inroads in modern life
by Valarie Lee (The Daily Times) (January 13, 2005)


'Aida' to the rescue: Theater League brings its own — special — version to Long Beach after national tour cancels
by Alessandra Djurklou (U-Redlands Daily Facts),1413,217~24272~2649343,00.html (January 12, 2005)


Racial Preferences – Helping or Hurting Black Students?
by Barbara Lauren (AACRAO Transcript) (January 11, 2005)


Midvale adoption agency under fire – Lawsuit filed: It alleges staff coerced a Chicago mom to give up her baby
by Kirsten Stewart and Matthew D. LaPlante (The Salt Lake Tribune) (January 11, 2005)


Man injured in Monday afternoon robbery
(Cedar Rapids Gazette) (January 11, 2005)


Friends Raising Money For Injured Marine: Chad Simon Seriously Injured Near Fallujah
(Channel 3000) (January 10, 2005)


The place that made the man: Shacks, tidy yards and tight-lipped neighbors surround the longtime home of a suspect in the killings of 3 civil rights workers 40 years ago
by John Moreno Gonzales (Newsday),0,5707497.story?coll=ny-nationalnews-headlines (January 10, 2005)


McBride discusses 'The Color of Water'
by Linda S. Mah (The Kalamazoo Gazette) (January 9, 2005)


Family tree makes her a rarity: Confederate daughter who's black
by Leon Alligood (The Tennessean) (January 9, 2005)


Still fighting over the Alamo
by Sam Hodges (The Charlotte Observer) (January 9, 2005)


Newsworthy milestone – It's longer than most marriages: Chuck and Sue hit 25 years at WNBC
by Richard Huff (New York Daily News) (January 7, 2005)


Press Release: Website and E-Book Solves the Puzzle of Interracial Dating Destroying Double Standards
( (January 7, 2005)


Grace Given for Free in Square: New novel portrays a Cambridge of ages past
by Shawna J. Strayhorn (The Harvard Crimson) (January 7, 2005)


Plea bargains rejected in racially-motivated attack case
(Associated Press) (January 6, 2005)


Floor Statement: Government IDs and Identity Theft
by The Honorable Ron E. Paul (U.S. House of Representatives) (January 6, 2005)


Lineberry and son face trial over 2003 fight at Southington restaurant
by Caroline D. Porter (Record-Journal) (January 6, 2005)


Father teaches children: Being tough between the lines brings success
by Steve Junga (The Toledo Blade) (January 6, 2005)


'Narrative' reflects slavery's realities
by Frederick McElroy (The Star) (January 6, 2005)


Woman may be oldest living person, but can't prove it
by CHRISTY ARBOSCELLO (Detroit Free Press) (January 5, 2005)


2 Sisters Reported Missing
(America's Amber Alert Center) (January 3, 2005)


Loving Sets a Precedent: Vermont author Phyl Newbeck examines the case that overturned racist marriage laws
by Euan Bear (Out in the Mountains) (January 1, 2005)


Of Lines and Circles
by Phil Tajitsu Nash (Asian Week) (December 31, 2004)


Indonesians far from home forge bittersweet bond
by Angie Chuang (The Oregonian) (December 31, 2004)


Bill Cosby revisited, Barack Obama too
by Gregory Clay (Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service) (December 30, 2004)


FAMILY, ASSEMBLED IN WALDPORT: A couple's family sprang from 1960s idealism and their hope for a better world
by Gabrielle Glaser (The Oregonian) (December 26, 2004)


From Ethiopia, with love: Baby Eli comes home
by Jessica Hurst (The Narragansett Times) (December 24, 2004)


Yours in Struggle,

James A. Landrith, Jr.
Editor & Publisher,
The Multiracial Activist
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